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JE Paddock, Poetrician


Born in the mid-1970s to a pair of itinerant settlers, Jon specialized in complex skills such as pacifier destruction, excessive salivation, toy throwing, and diaper saturation. At age 8, having finally mastered these useful disciplines, he then advanced into the literary realm, voraciously devouring large stacks of board books. Only then, after his parents replaced all reading material with discarded laminated copies of obscure books, did Jon finally begin to read.  

Between heaping bowls of sugary cereal, the destruction of several natural habitats (sorry, Wimmer's shrew and Emma's giant rat) and occasional naps, Jon read continuously until early 2018. (It's worth noting that he somehow got married and had four children (now five) during this whirlwind reading extravaganza.) It was then that a good family friend named Nickole changed the course of Jon's life by reading aloud to his children a book called Grindel Lamphoon and the Procurnious Fleekers. Something then clicked in his brain--something that said, "Hey, I bet I can create such loony jabberwockery as this!". Soon thereafter, Jon began sitting up late at night next to his dreamy wife tapping out whimsical poems on a classic cellular telephone (the non-rotary kind), and he continues to do so 'til this very day.

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